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Through Allfin's creative food data technology we Offers customized digital services to your companies.
We help your companies to build a successful business from existing services to custom services.

  • 01. Consult

    We help you build a food service
    store in your community.

  • 02. Create

    We offer customized food services
    from your existing customer service
    to improve your profits
    and customer care.

  • 03. Solution

    We offer you AI solutions and
    diagnostic kits, so that helps
    customized services in your companies.

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We offer One-stop service for customized recipe information services, diagnostic kits, base KITs for manufacturing, and packaging materials.


Vision and mission

We will help you build a customized food service store for your local community. We will improve the health and well-being of your company and your customers by improving the quality of your services from your existing customized beauty, care, and healthcare services.


High Growth of sales. ex) Store: Petherapie Seorae Village Store)

No. 1

The best total customize service in your local comunity


We have Various animal types data, Customize nutrients and Best variety of animal-customized recipes data

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There are many who are willing to pay more for feed made by better materials for the health of their pet.

- Ann N. Martin (Book: Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food)

What are you waiting for?

Allfin's Petherapie Plate AI Food Solution offers a different level of nutrition management solution.

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Service provider

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Food recipes

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120-years Oriental medicine

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Immune Diagnosis Kit

Does your pet eat healthy and balanced meals now?

4,000 material data combinations, 4.4 million pet types, We provide the right nutritional balance for your pet.

Immunocare program

Immunization is like a lifetime vaccine for our pet.

  • 100% natural material
  • AAFCO Nutrition Balance
  • Finnish wild Chaga mushroom
  • Korean YoungJi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidumin)
  • Natural ingredients that help increase immunity

Diet program

Weight management is the best way to prevent from various diseases.

  • 100% natural material
  • AAFCO Nutrition Balance
  • Natural ingredients that help to increase immunity
  • Contains natural materials through contract cultivation (24 types of amino acids)

Oriental medicine (Orimed) program

Customize cure the liver, renal failure, and diabetes by 120years tradition oriental medicine and diagnostic kits.

  • 100% natural material
  • AAFCO Nutrition Balance
  • Oriental medicinal ingredients with a 120-year-old tradition
  • Natural ingredients that help to increase immunity
  • Contains excellent natural ingredients through contract culturvation for skin, liver and renal failure diseases



natural materials





Our diet program find optimal nutritional balance in national standard nutrition data.

Experience our differentiated nutritional balance, immunity, diet, and oriental medicine programs.

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당사는 2020년 02월 21일 이사회에서 정관 제 9조 2항 1호에 의거하여 크라우드펀딩을 통한 일반공모 방식의 신주 발행을 결의하였으므로, 상법 제418조 제4항에 따라 아래의 사항을 공고합니다

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